Skin tags, milia, cherry angioma, sebaceous hyperplasia, and other growths that develop as we age can be a nuisance. At Skintuitive MedSpa serving Newnan, Peachtree City, Senoia, Fairburn, and Sharpsburg, Georgia, holistic medical esthetician Marley Bonnanzio and her team of experts use a removal technology that does not cause scarring and does not compromise pigment on melanin-rich skin. It’s a painless, fast, and non-invasive treatment. Call the office to schedule an evaluation or use the online booking feature today.

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What is skin tag removal?

Skintuitive MedSpa’s team uses cutting-edge high-frequency technology and Fibroblast Plasma technology that does not leave scars, pigment loss, or hyperpigmentation. The precision device dehydrates the top layer of the skin irregularity in order to allow new, smooth healthy skin to glow.

Skin tags commonly appear on the eyelids, neck, face, armpits, breasts, back and groin area. If you have skin tags you may not like the way they look. They can become irritated by rubbing against clothing or jewelry.

What are the benefits of mole and skin tag removal?

The seasoned experts at Skintuitive MedSpa can remove a variety of growths on the skin including milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, molluscum, seborrheic and actinic keratosis.

After skin tag removal, you can expect clear, smooth, even-toned skin, as well as less irritation.

Is skin tag removal painful and are there any side effects?

Small skin tags can generally be removed without using anesthesia, while larger growths may require some local anesthesia in the form of topical numbing cream or injection prior to removal.

Skin tag removal has very few side effects. Risks of skin tag removal include slight temporary discoloration in the immediate treated area. Usually, this removal process requires just one treatment, however, depending on the size and fibrous nature of the tissue, some require the need for one follow-up treatment.

Who is eligible for skin tag removal?

Anyone who has a skin tag can opt for removal treatments. However, skin tags are generally harmless, so it is not necessary to get them treated.

Is mole and skin tag removal right for me?

Skintuitive Medspa’s cosmetic specialist discusses your medical history, examines moles or skin tags, and asks you about your cosmetic goals.

They then customize your treatment plan. Some patients want to have every small freckle removed, and some patients want just some of them removed.

How can I prepare for treatment?

Skintuitive MedSpa requires patients to have a current annual skin exam conducted by their dermatologist to ensure safe treatment clearance.

Shave hair that is growing around the immediate treatment areas.

After completing skin tag removal, it’s important to comply with after-care instructions and refrain from sun exposure in the treated areas for 4 weeks. Follow up with your provider as needed and don’t hesitate to call the Skintuitive MedSpa office with any questions.

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